Psychologist's Corner

Lauren Halstead -- (480) 472-6772

To All Parents-

My name is Lauren Halstead and I am your School Psychologist.  I enjoy working at Johnson and hope to continue here for several more years. It is a great privilege to work with a staff that is so highly qualified and whose first priority is to meet the educational needs of all their students.


Parents and teachers are an important influence in the development of a child's self concept and esteem. A child not only identifies with parents and teacher as models of behavior but also accepts their definition of what he or she is and should be. It therefore becomes important for adults to provide psychologically safe environments for children. Here are some tips for developing a positive self concept:

  1. Use praise:
    • Praise effort, persistence, and desired behaviors.
    • Be specific in your praise, what was done well.
    • Be generous in your praise.
    • Let your child "overhear" a compliment.
    • Encourage your child to praise themselves as well as others
  2. Set realistic goals with short term objectives. Emphasize gains made. Show causal appreciation. "You did well on this because …"
  3. Teach your child to use mistakes wisely.
  4. Be genuine in your acceptance and affection.
  5. Let your child know there are things they can handle without your help.
  6. Provide opportunities for success. Believe your child can succeed.
  7. Because children often exaggerate their failures, criticism is easily remembered while praise is not. Therefore, a praise-criticism ratio of 3:1 provides a healthy environment for building self worth. Remember to criticize behavior, not the child.
  8. Quality attention equals worth.
  9. Smile often, its contagious.


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