School Safety

Communication between school and home is a priority for Mesa Public Schools. Your child’s school has several methods to provide you with information throughout the year, including the Web site ( and the parent newsletter.

The newest communication tool is the district’s phone notification system. Staff can contact you with important information about school events. For general messages, such as meeting notices, upcoming testing and school activities, the school will use a home or primary number that you designate. In an emergency, the school can call an additional phone number. We can also send a message to an e-mail address.

Please help the school stay in communication with you by updating your address, phone numbers and e-mail address through the school office.



In cases where custody/visitation affects the district, the school follows the most recent court order on file with the child’s school. School employees do not wish to be placed in the middle of custody disputes. It is the responsibility of the custodial parent or of parents having joint custody to provide the district with the most recent court order. Please refer to Governing Board Policy JH(2) for more detailed information on child custody issues



Mesa Public Schools provides students with a quality education in a safe learning environment, but emergencies may still happen.

A school emergency may involve a power outage or other situation that is limited to the campus. Sometimes there is a neighborhood incident that may indirectly affect the school but require a precautionary lockdown or an evacuation. In all emergencies, the district supports your child’s school with needed resources, such as snacks, water, transportation and security. The school also works directly with police and fire officials if there are graffiti threats or neighborhood incidents.

The school will provide you with information as quickly as possible, but the first concern will always be to ensure the safety of students and staff.

Remember that the first information you hear from the media or others may not be accurate. Please do not contact the school, where staff is focused on taking care of the children and working with police and fire officials. Instead, check the district’s parent information line at (480) 472-1175 or the parent alert button on the district Web site, Do not contact your child by cell phone. If you receive a call or text message from your child, direct him or her to follow instructions from school officials.



During a school lock-down, students and staff are safe and secure in the classroom. If you receive information about a lock-down at your child’s school, please do not go to the school. The office and classroom doors will be locked, and no one will be allowed in or out.

As a safety measure, your child cannot be released from school until police and fire officials give clearance. Please be patient, and follow directions from the staff.



If emergency responders believe that students and staff will be safer away from campus, school officials will follow established evacuation procedures to move to a predetermined site. During an evacuation, the district provides additional supervision. Measures are in place to ensure that children remain with their class.

An evacuation could be brief, with everyone returning to a normal schedule at school in a short time. Parents should not go to the evacuation site. We would not want the presence of additional individuals on campus to add any confusion to the emergency situation and take the attention of staff away from the children.



The school has an emergency plan to care for students in a lock-down or evacuation during the school day and beyond, if needed. However, there may be situations in which parents will be contacted to pick up students.

In a reunification, students will only be released to a parent or other adult designated on the emergency contact card. In the check-out process, a staff member will verify information by requiring photo identification and a signature.



To ensure their safety, students may not be on campus in the morning until staff members are available to supervise them. Check with your school if you are unsure when staff members are on duty for this purpose. At the end of the school day, students who do not ride the bus or walk home from school must be picked up promptly after classes are dismissed. Unless students are participating in an after-school activity, supervision is not available when the school day ends. Teachers and office staff members have many duties at the end of the day and cannot supervise children whose parents or other care providers are habitually late.

Students must obey traffic laws and are encouraged to wear helmets when bicycling to and from school. Suspicious behavior observed when traveling to or from school should be reported immediately to a school administrator or police officer. Bicycles should be locked when parked at school. The school is not responsible for bicycles that are lost, stolen or damaged on school grounds.

Students should not carry valuable personal items with them at school. The district cannot guard students’ personal belongings and is not responsible for these items, including cell phones and other electronic devices that may be lost, stolen or damaged at school.