Student Drop-off & Pick-up

Under the direction of the Mesa Police Department, the north student drop-off/pick-up area on 38th Street has been restructured.  In order to alleviate the congestion, back-up traffic, and unlawful left turn in the School Zone, traffic has been rerouted .  Parents should now enter the drop-off/pick-up area from the south.  Please do not use the south Montessori drop-off/pick-up area for either dropping of non-Montessori students or as a "U-Turn" zone as there in NO right turn our of that area due to the immediate location of the crosswalk.  Parents waiting to drop-off or pick-up students may create a line curbside from the south as long as the intersection and crosswalk are not blocked.  These changes have been made to ensure compliance with school zone laws and the safety of our students.  Thank-you to all parents who have already made the adjustment.  We appreciate your assistance as we adapt to the new routing of traffic in this area.  Please help us keep everyone safe and traffic moving smoothly.