Ms. Jill Tucker


My name is Jill Tucker and I will be your child’s teacher this year.  I began teaching in 1990 here at Johnson.  Johnson is a professional learning community that is formed with thoughtful and caring people who have the children’s best interest at heart. I will provide your child with a warm and enriching learning environment.  My classroom is a safe and secure place for all my students to explore, inquire, and learn.  Your child will be engaged, challenged, and praised.  Each child will learn to focus on his or her personal educational needs and progress, and celebrate along the way.


The students will:

v     Build on what they already know.

v     Make appropriate choices.

v     Work cooperatively and individually.

v     Discover that they can learn from others and that others can learn from them.

v     Help create a “classroom community” that recognizes each individual’s opinion.


Absences and Tardies

School begins bright and early at 7:40.  Please have your child to school on time.  If your child is tardy, please check in at the office before coming to the classroom.  If your child is absent, please be sure to call the office and let them know.





The district has a grading process to ensure a common, consistent reporting system for all elementary schools. All subjects assigned an achievement grade are evaluated using the scale below for students in grades four through six.


Achievement Grade %


A=Outstanding Achievement (90-100)


B=High Achievement (80-89)


C=Satisfactory Achievement (70-79)

2=Improving/Not Consistent

D=Minimal Achievement (60-69)

1=Area of Concern

F=Serious Difficulty (0-59)