Dress standards

Preschool is a very active place.  Children will be both inside the classroom and outside on most days.  Please pay attention to your child's footwear.  Shoes that tie, buckle or Velcro are safest, flip flops are not allowed.  Most campus injuries result from tripping or falling.

Preschool can be a messy place.  Paint, sand, water, snack and bathroom accidents sometimes occur.  Send a change of clothes in your child's back pack daily (include underwear and socks).  Place the change of clothes in a gallon resealable plastic bag labeled with your child's name.  Check the back pack daily to replace the clothing if a change was necessary. You will need to switch the change of clothes several times during the year as your child grows and the seasons change.  

One of the important things your child will learn in preschool is to independently manage routine tasks such as using the bathroom, washing, and cleaning up after themselves.  You can help by sending your child in clothing that your child can manage on their own.  Many hooks, buttons and zippers are difficult for young children to manage.

Sweaters, jackets and coats should have your child's name permanently written somewhere inside the garment. Names on these items help staff and children learn to return them with the child.


For more specific details, please consult the MPS Dress and Grooming guidelines or district policy JFCA:Student Dress and Grooming.