Nurse's Corner

Health Office Hours
MPS Health Services


Jordan students are cared for by a school nurse.  School health appraisals consist of screening of vision, hearing, and growth development. 

Administering Medication

In the administration of medication to students during school hours, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Whether a prescription drug or an over-the-counter drug, the medication must come in its original container with the pharmaceutical label intact.
  2. The parent must provide written and signed direction to the school.
  3. Any medication that will be given on an ongoing basis will require a physician's order
  4. For all the students on campus, medication shall be kept in the health office. 

Important Records

Please include the name and phone number of your family physician on the student data form. An emergency number is also requested. Alert the nurse and school office immediately if there is a change of address, telephone number, or place of employment. If there is an accident or illness which involves a child, we need to be able to reach the parent or guardian immediately.