School Bus

Arrival and Dismissal Guidelines

Students may not be on campus without adult supervision.  

All Jordan students are expected to be picked up on time.  Late fees apply to all programs.


Bus Transportation

Bus transportation is available only for specific children enrolled in the Special Needs preschool. There are district transportation policies for appropriate rider etiquette that must be followed. 

Bus Safety - Be outside and ready for pick up 10 minutes before your assigned time.  Always make sure your child's bus tag is securely attached to the back pack.  Call both the transportation office (480-472-0160) and the school office (480-472-3800) to report any changes to the daily schedule

Parking Lot Safety

Student safety is a top priority.  Please hold your child's hand while walking through the lot.  Parking is not allowed in fire lanes or bus lanes.

Teachers and staff for special education preschool, wait in the ramada area next to the bus lane.  Your child's teacher will be identified by a large name tag.  Please speak to the teacher when you drop off and pick up your child.  Pre-K and FTF teachers may have you walk your child directly to the classroom.  If you are going to stay in the classroom, please sign in as a visitor in the office.

Children will not be released to any adult that is not documented on the child's emergency card.  If we are unfamiliar with the person picking up, a photo ID will be required.  You may make changes to your emergency list at any time. Notify both the child's teacher and the office specialist regarding any changes.