Grade Level Information 

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2nd Grade         3rd Grade
4th Grade             5th Grade


K-5th Dual Language

Dual Language is a bilingual program that teaches both non-English speakers and English speakers together to speak, read and write in two languages. Research shows that a child can transfer the knowledge and skills required in one language to the other, and the development of two languages enhances a child’s educational and cognitive development. The languages used in the Keller Dual Language program are English and Spanish. Dual Language will be offered in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. For more information, please contact the principal, Mrs. Torres, at (480)472-6171.

Program Goals

  • Achievement of high academic standards in both languages.

  • Development of Bilingualism and Biliteracy.

  • Development of high levels of self competence.

  • Development of positive cross cultural attitudes.


The Keller Dual Language Learning Environment follows a 50/50 model, and it is designed to focus on subject matter content such as language arts, mathematics and science, social science, as well as, language development. Students receive instruction in both languages with the instruction day divided into an English and Spanish block. During instruction, languages are not mixed by the teacher. Students are encouraged to use the learned language and content in a group setting or during individualized instruction with the teacher.