Mrs. Faith Meyer

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BiographyMrs. Meyer

Hello and welcome to second grade!

This Fall will be my 13th year of teaching. I have taught preschool through fourth grade. I have an Early Childhood Education degree from Arizona State and I am on my final project in my masters of science program for University of North Dakota in Elementary Education. I have taught first grade for two years at Estrella Mountain, fourth grade for two years at Lattie Coor, second grade for two years at Centerra Mirage, Head Start Preschool for two years in Minnesota, a year teaching preschool for Preschool Plus, and a year teaching third grade for Lassen. This school feels like home. 

I have lived all over Arizona and even ventured to North Dakota to teach preschool for Head Start. My family decided that Arizona is where we belong and I am so glad to be home. I come home from teaching to two little girls named Phyllicity (Felicity) and Shelby. My 8 year old Phyllicity started second grade this year. Then my 6 year old Shelby who is a first grader. Also a rambunctious almost 2 year old boy named Robbie. I spend my time with my husband Rob and two girls hiking, camping, cooking, and reading. 

Second grade is my favorite grade because this is the year that reading starts to blossom and the math leads into multiplication. This is also the year that students learn to write a paragraph. This is exciting because all they learn this year is what they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.