All About MrAugust:  This month we will be learning "All About Me."  Activities will include learning about our differences as well as how we are the same.  We will make "ME" dolls that reflect our own characteristics.  We will talk about our family, foods we like to eat and things we like to do.

September: We will be learning about body parts and our five senses.  Activities will include body parts games, songs, and chants.  We will do activities to learn about what we hear, see, smell, and touch.

HalloweenOctober: This month our theme is Fall.  Activities will include learning about what happens during the fall such as leaves changing colors and farmers harvesting foods.  We will also do some activities with scarecrows.  We will be doing activities with pumpkins and other gourds, make pumpkin pudding, and decorate pumpkins for our Fall Festival.

November:  Our theme this month is the farm.  Activities will include learning about what happens on the farm.  We will learn about farm animals and their babies, the names and sounds the animals make, and where they live on the farm.  We will also learn how the farmer grows food that we eat on the farm and how farm animals provide wool, eggs, butter, milk, and meat for our families.  Our play kitchen will be converted into a farmer's market this month and the students will sort produce into fruits and vegetables, do some "planting", and sell our produce to customers.