Homework Tips



Homework goes home each night and is due the following day.

The best way to help your child be successful with their homework in first grade is to make it a daily routine!


  • Plan a homework time with your child and try to stick to that time each day.


  • Find a quiet place for them to work (away from the TV and other siblings).


  • Help them read the directions to make sure that they understand what to do.  If they do not understand what to do after reading the directions several times, please have them leave that part blank,or try their best.  This will let me know that we need more practice in that area.


  • Remind them to take their time and be as neat as possible.


  • Have plenty of pencils and erasers for them to use.  Please never do homework in pen.


  • Help them stay organized!  Have them put their decodables back in their homework folder after they finish reading them each night.  Also, have them put their homework folder back in their backpack after their work is done each night.


  • Remind them to put their name and number on each page so that they get credit for their hard work.