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Third Grade Reading Skills

  • Recognizing main idea and details in informational text and literature
  • Comparing different types of writing (fiction vs. non-fiction)
  • Understanding the author's purpose
  • Cause and effect relationships in stories
  • Narrative Elements
  • Recognize type of genre
  • Reading fluency
  • Phonics and vocabulary

Reading Tips:

Parents are able to set the best examples of good reading habits.  Children emulate the examples of their parents.  Parents are their children's greatest and most influential teachers.  When your child sees you reading for enjoyment he/she will assume that reading is a FUN and natural experience.  The rewards of good reading skills last a lifetime. 

- Ask your child about being a word detective.  They enjoy looking for our words.

- Read with your child often.  Have them use their finger to follow along, if needed.

- Encourage your child to read to younger siblings, friends, or other family members.

- Write notes to your kids.

- Have your kids help you write grocery lists and thank you cards.

- Give a diary, stationary, or notebook to your child for keeping a journal of events, daily activities, trips.

- Get your child a library card and have them check out books that are age-appropriate, current and supports your interests. 

- Allow your child to choose an easy book.  Reading books at a lower level or the same books over and and over helps increase confidence and fluency.

- Compliment your child on their decoding skills when reading new words and for being attentive to their tasks.

- Use magnetic letters and boards to spell messages, build sentences, or practice spelling words.  Leave special messages for each other using the magnets.

- Have your child look for words and highlight them in newspapers or magazines.  

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