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Mrs. Maria Christopher

Email: Click Here
Phone: 480-472-6238


Grade: Dual Language Kindergarten

Years Teaching: I have taught in Mesa since 2001 and have taught a total of 20 years and still loving it.

College Degree: I have a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and Elementary Education.  Also, I have a Masters degree in Adult Education and Curriculum Instruction with emphasis in Bilingual Education.

College or University: I attended Florida International University and Nova University.  As well as ASU

Grades taught: I have taught first through third grade and ELD multi-age and Dual language.

Hometown – I was born in Havana Cuba and learned English in 1st grade in Denver, Colorado.

Family – I am married and have a 4-legged daughter named Maggie.

Special Interests in school – I was involved in the Kiwanis club and have been volunteering at the Gilbert Riparian for over three years now.

Hobbies – I enjoy reality shows like Dancing with the Stars and going to Antique shops looking for things that are outside the box.

Favorite Quote – “Every mountaintop is within reach if you just keep climbing.”


Educational beliefs-

Your philosophy of education/learning –I strive for each child to develop a hunger for learning. I work to present the educational materials through a variety of different techniques and learning styles..

Why did you become a teacher? Since I was a little girl all I dreamed of was becoming a teacher and hoping to make a difference in a child’s life.

What do you want kids to leave your class knowing (is there some skill you possess you will pass down to yourchildren?)- I want each child to leave my classroom believing in themselves and knowing that with hard work and perseverance, they can reach their potential.

Expectations for parents – You can reinforce your child’s mathematical/reading skills by incorporating them into your family’s everyday life.  By providing the opportunities and extra guidance to help foster a love for reading, you will build a strong foundation, your child will be problem solver and making a connection that will last a lifetime.

  1. Policies and Procedures:

How do you conduct your classroom –By organizing around “a theme or concept” students will be engaged with texts , vocabulary, and other areas such as math and science.  These subjects are integrated to real life themes working towards a conceptual understanding and make it meaningful.

Behavior expectations and policies – Every student starts the school day on “Ready to Learn” position. At the end of each day, the students’ behavior is recorded.  If inappropriate choices/actions occurs, your child will receive a behavior reflection note to take home explaining what happened, and what he/she can do to improve their behavior. Each day everyone starts over on “Ready to Learn”.

Homework Expectations-Students will have homework every night. Homework will reinforce what your child is learning in class. It is very important that your child complete and turn in the homework assignment everyday.

Grading policy-Homework, class participation and class work will be counted toward an effort grade. Students will be given an ability grade based on assessments given after the skill is taught in class, reinforced through interventions and homework.

85% -100% - 4  Proficient

70% -  84% - 3  Developing Proficiency

60% -  69% - 2  Limited Proficiency

 0% -  59% - 1  Does not understand



 Students will have the opportunity to work together and becoming a problem solver and critical thinker.  Also, I incorporate monthly family activities that include: Finding shapes around the neighborhood, making a turkey out of recycled materials and to even completing a family graph.

Special Events- Day of the Dead, Math and Literacy Night-a fun, shared experience that builds strong family/school partnership and create a sense of community and connect family engagement to student learning.