Kerr's Mission Statement

The mission of Kerr Elementary School is to educate all children, motivating them to reach their highest potential academically, socially and emotionally.



The district has a grading process to ensure a common, consistent reporting system for all elementary schools. All subjects assigned an achievement grade are evaluated using the scale below for students in grades four through six: A “Z” indicates the student will be graded in an alternative manner.

Achievement Grade % Effort
A=Outstanding Achievement (90-100) 4=Outstanding
B=High Achievement (80-89) 3=Satisfactory/Consistent
C=Satisfactory Achievement (70-79) 2=Improving/Not Consistent
D=Minimal Achievement (60-69) 1=Area of Concern
F=Serious Difficulty (0-59)  
Z=Individual Program  

For students in grades one through six, skill performance is evaluated using the scale below:

Skill Performance


Proficient in concepts/skills; complete understanding; strong performance


Developing Proficiency in concepts/skills; consistent understanding


Limited Proficiency in concepts/skills; beginning to grasp concepts/skills


Does not yet understand concepts/skills that have been introduced

 A blank indicates the skill was not emphasized this grading period  

 Individual Program