Second Grade 

A-1    Ms. Veschio
A-2    Mrs. Howland

A-3    Mrs. Vallejo

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Phonemic Awareness-Blends and segments two syllable words
Phonetic Skills-plurals, abbreviations, contractions, prefix, suffixes, diphthongs, multi-syllable, order(syntax)
Vocabulary-High frequency/vocabulary words
Fluency-Read fluently at grade level

Comprehension-Literary Text
(identifies story elements   e.g., characters, plot and sequence.)
Comprehension- Informational Text (locates facts and information, follows written directions

Spelling- 15 words a week (11 new words, 4 review words)

Six traits (Organization, Ideas, Voice, Fluency, Word Choice, and Conventions).Students apply writing in a variety of modes: personal narratives, lists, logs, letters, persuasive writing, personal reflections, responses to literature, and reports.

Number Sense-(reads, writes, counts, models, compares, orders numbers 0-999, place value, and fractional concepts)

Place Value-ones, tens, hundreds, thousands
Money- Counts through $5.00
Addition facts to 18- (60 problems in 4 minutes)
Subtraction facts to 18- (60 problems in 4 minutes)
Addition -(two digit with/without regrouping and money)
Subtraction -(two digit with/without regrouping and money)
Data Analysis-(graphing)
Probability/Discrete Mathematics Patterns and Algebra Thinking
- (Shapes, congruency, position and symmetry)
Measurement-(length, volume, and weight)
Fractions-Whole, ½, ¼

Science-Uses Scientific Processes
Life Science-(Breath, Blood & Guts) Three body systems, respiration, circulation, and digestion.
Physical Science- States of Matter
Earth Science- Weather watching, Life Cycle of Butterflies

Social Studies
American History         
World History

Field Trips- Desert Botanical Gardens