**Welcome to 6th-grade! **

I am so excited for another amazing year! I am passionate about what I do and love being able to make a difference in our community through our children. I am what you would call a Social Emotional Based teacher. This means that I strongly believe that our children need to have their emotional needs met before their academic ones can be met. I believe that without a strong relationship and trust with the students they won't be as willing to attempt more challenging content.  I believe that the classroom should run like a family. There are conversations when feelings get hurt, how to cope with frustrations, and dealing with change daily in my classroom. 


Academics are always changing. I am always finding new, exciting ways to educate our children. I believe that learning should be fun and I try my best to make it so. I typically teach only math but during these crazy times, I am going with the flow and teaching it all. I believe in the importance of mastery and taking our time. If I see that my students are struggling then I will slow down and give the topic more time, if that means I am teaching one topic for a week, then so be it! I would rather have my students truly understand a concept than have them be pushed through it all quicky. 

Parent Communication: 

This is something that I also view as a top priority. Teaching your children is a team effort as we have all experienced through the past 2 school years. I think being able to communicate back forth with concerns, support, ideas, or simply to get the "scoop" makes our school and class stronger. I am always here to answer any questions and please never hesitate to reach out.