Sadie Tristam

Ms. Sadie Tristam

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Hi parents and families! My name is Ms. Tristam and this is my second year of teaching. I am from Florida originally, but I moved to Iowa for college. I went to a school called Grinnell College, and being there sparked my love of education. I then went and taught on the Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota. I love teaching and I love learning, which I feel goes hand in hand. I am working on my Masters in Teaching, and I hope to be in education for a very long time.

I currently teach 6th grade at Kerr Elementary, and I have some of the best and most resilient kiddos. We are starting to learn algebra in math, and the kids are super excited about the movement of math in their education. They are also writing essays every few weeks and are growing in their confidence about their opinion and arguments. It is truly exciting to see them grow. Feel free to contact me with any questions!