Mrs. Tiffany Langton

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This 2021-2022 school year is my fifth year as a Special Education teacher. A year ago I moved from Texas to Mesa with my family. I grew up in Mesa and attended Mesa Public Schools throughout my school years. But, I lived for 20+ years in Texas so it is exciting to be back in Arizona! teacher Langton in her Texas classroom on the 100th day of school in 2020

I am happy to teach at Kerr again this school year. I find great joy in teaching. For the past four years I've taught in autism classrooms in Texas and here. I am thankful to return to Kerr and have a new assignment to teach the 2nd and 3rd grade students. 

I am certified to teach Special Education and Elementary Education. I also have a supplemental certification in English as a Second Language. 

In our class we focus on meeting the learning needs of the individual students. I look forward to working with each student and their family. We will have a wonderful learning journey this school year!