Read This First!
Will my child be placed in the school I select?

Placement is influenced by the following factors:

  • Funding availability
  • Number of enrollments for tuition based programs 
  • Class locations, times, sessions are subject to change based on Mesa Public Schools' needs
  • Scholarship criteria
Fact Sheet

  • Registration paperwork must be signed by a parent listed on the child's birth certificate or by a legal guardian who produces documentation of their ability to enroll the child
  • Children are not required to attend registration
  • Two emergency contacts are required by the school district. Emergency contact must be 18 years or older and persons other than the parents. 
  • A physician and phone number are required. You may list urgent care center if desired.
  • Enrollment limited to 18 students per session
  • If there are custody issues, at the time of registration, provide a copy of all legal documents pertaining to custody
  • If a birth certificate is unavailable for foster children or children in the process of adoption, a court document may be substituted
  • First month's tuition for fee based programs must be received no later than June 1, 2017 to retain placement in the program.
  • Meet the teacher or open house programs are scheduled at same time as the elementary school programs.  Contact the school site for details.
  • Children placed in tuition based programs may not begin attending until the first month's tuition is received in full.
  • KinderU observes the same holidays as K-12 students in the Mesa Public Schools
  • Scholarship enrollment is limited to one per student. 
First day of school: Thursday, August 9, 2018