Kino Gifted and Talented Program


Program Overview

In junior high, gifted services are delivered through concurrent enrollment in the core subject areas (ELA/SS, MA/SC).  These classes will focus on higher level thinking skills while integrating interdisciplinary curriculum.  Each of these concurrent enrollment classes will be taught by an gifted endorsed teacher, and teachers will collaborate in order to create cohesive units of study.

Student Selection

Students can be selected for honors courses in several ways.  School counselors review student data, teacher referrals, and CogAT data.  The CogAT is a test which gauges how students think and if they would be well-suited for honors classes.

CogAT Testing

The CogAT is administered at up to three(3) different times during the school year.  Families must register with the Kino Counseling Office in order to take the CogAT and also turn in a signed permission slip (English, Spanish).

A student may not test more than one(1) time in a two(2) year period.  For example, if a student tested in the middle of 6th grade, they would not be eligible to test until the middle of 8th grade.  Test results will be shared with families after testing and appropriate placements will be made.

Next Testing Dates

* Note: If less than three(3) students are registered one(1) week before the testing date, the testing date may be canceled.  Students will not be admitted into testing if they arrive after the scheduled start time.

May 9th, 1:30-3:45

Late July/Early August TBD