Working at Kino Junior High School

Why work at Kino?

Support. All new teachers received a district professional development specialist to visit their classroom and provide feedback on instruction. All new teachers to the school receive a site-based mentor. 

PD. Title funds used to promote support in instruction. We have more funds to support our teachers than other junior high schools. We use them for training, like DOK (depth of knowledge), John Strebe (blended learning practices), Wendy Peterson (writing across the curriculum), and AVID WICOR strategies.

Technology. As a highly innovative campus, we capitalize on resources. All math, ELA, and science classrooms have laptop carts. Traveling labs are available for other classrooms. Three dedicated labs are available for classrooms.

Community. The Kino staff is a team, a family, a group of skilled and respectful adults. We celebrate and support each other in our noble profession.

-Loan Forgiveness. Working at a Title school for 5 years qualifies you for a reduction in your student loans. Click here for more information!

Points of Pride

93% A+, A, & B ratings from parents and students (Quality Service Survey)

8th grade Boys Soccer Championship

Principal Dilbeck graduate of the Hispanic Leadership Institute, Class of 2017

16-17 Air Force Association recognition for Excellence in STEM education

Nancy Parra-Quinlan named Teacher of the Year for the State of Arizona by the Air Force Association

16-17 Silver PBISaz Achievement Award

2015 School of Merit for Civic Engagement

2016 Bronze PBISaz Achievement Award (Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports)

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) since 2002

AVID Highly Certified School

MESA Program partnership with Mesa Police Department

Hundreds of hours of participation in professional development by our dedicated staff (classified and certified)