Ms. Diana Coleman

Phone: 480-472-2400 ex 22404


I graduated from Northern Arizona University in May of 2005. I started teaching at a charter school; unfortunately, they let me go do to lack of funding after only half of the school year. At first, I thought I had made the wrong choice in my career. However, I chose to sub with the Mesa Public School system and kept to my dream of teaching.

            I could not have been given a better opportunity. Subbing was a blessing that at first wore a scary disguise. Subbing showed me classroom management plans, lesson plan formats, classrooms setting, and different grade levels; an education beyond what college had been able to offer me. Each class taught me something that enabled me to become a better teacher.

Why teach? I grew up in a poor, but loving family. My parents taught my brother and I, that education was important, vital. Then, early in my school career I had trouble reading. Eventually I was placed in a resource reading class and my mom worked with me at home. I became defeated and angry. Until, I met Mrs. Sager. It was her first year and she told us she was just as nervous we were. She made me feel safe and that safety freed me to learn. After one year in resource, I was dismissed from the program. In high school I was placed in honors classes. I am not saying this to brag. I am telling you this because I can relate to the child with a learning disability. I have been there. I can relate to the gifted child. I have been there. My childhood experiences, were training for my future career.

            I know that I needed to go through the rough beginning, so that I would become a teacher that cares about her student’s emotional, physical, social and academic development. I have found my reward in student’s smiles when they finally learn what I am teaching.

I do not believe that everything about teaching is all smiles and encouraging words. I know it is not. It has been and will continue to be a challenge to meet every student’s needs and to keep the classroom on track with the curriculum. It means dealing with parents, school boards, low funding, and fellow staff. I did not choose this career because I thought it would be easy. I choose to be a teacher because I want to make a difference.

As I have moved through my teaching career I went back to school for my Masters in Cross-categorical Special Education. At first, I just wanted to be able to help the kids in my class that needed more, then as I continued, I learned that I loved working with kids that think outside our boxes, or struggle. I was once told that, “to teach is to be a learner for life”.  Ever year I teach, and I learn from a new class of educators. Each year I will face a new group of students waiting for someone to see their hidden potential. I will always be looking. I see the gift of each child.


Click here to watch a PowerPoint I shared with the kids to learn more about me.