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Hello! My name is Jasmine Benton, and I am a native of Mesa, Arizona. I recently attended Arizona State University, where I earned my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance, with a concentration in Dance Education. I graduated Summa Cum Laude and received the Outstanding Teacher Candidate Achievement Award in the area of Fine Arts. I found my own passion for dance within a junior high and high school environment, and as a result, teaching secondary dance students is an endeavor that is very close to my heart. In my spare time, I am a professional modern dancer and have performed extensively for student artists (both graduate and undergraduate) as well as with a professional dance company and other independent artists throughout the valley. My choreography has been presented at several educational institutions in the area as well. I have a great deal of experience with dance facilitation and teaching in a variety of contexts, with students of all ages. One example is the summer that I spent teaching dance at an orphanage in Texcoco, Mexico. I have been teaching for several years, and this is my second year at Kino.

Teacher ImageMy teaching philosophy is that through positive reinforcement, all students can learn and better themselves for their futures. As this year’s school motto says… We can “Make it Happen”. By actively participating in the physical activity and the creative arts present in dance, students can be impacted in and beyond the classroom. They can learn the importance of hard work, perseverance, responsibility, respect, and so much more. They can develop their self-expression, creativity, confidence, and personal identities. They can love learning. I strive to cultivate a classroom environment that is safe, encouraging, and supportive so that students can try new things fearlessly, learn to believe in themselves, and help one another.

I know from my own experiences that dance (and physical fitness) can make a powerful and meaningful difference in the lives of young students. This is what inspired me to pursue a teaching career. In the fall semester, I teach four beginning dance classes and two girls PE classes. In the spring semester, I teach two beginning dance classes, two intermediate dance classes, and two girls PE classes. I also run Kino's spirit line club as well as our new dance club. Information about my classes can be found by clicking on the links to the left. Please feel free to contact me any time with questions, concerns, etc. It is a dream come true to be here, and I am so proud to work with such a wonderful team of educators. Let’s have a great year! Go Kolts!