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Students Improve through Tutoring

We would like for all our students to be successful at Kino JHS. To help with this we are offering tutoring for all of our classes. We believe this will be an excellent chance for anyone to improve their grades and increase their likelihood of success in the classroom. Below you will find times and days tutoring is available in our different academic areas. We hope you will encourage your child to take advantage of this opportunity to improve their performance. 

7th Grade Math

Room 25

Tuesday & Thursday 4pm - 4:40pm

Room 28

Monday & Wednesday 4pm - 4:40pm

Room 27

Tuesday & Thursday 4pm - 5pm

Room 29

Monday & Wednesday

Room 21

Wednesday & Friday 4pm - 4:40pm

Room 23

Monday & Thursday 4pm - 4:45pm

Social Studies 

Tuesday-Thursday 3:50p - 4:30p


Room 10

Room 13

Room 18

Room 12

Room 14

Room 11

Attención Padres Que Hablan Español

Si desea ver la información de Kino Junior High web en español, por favor ir a la parte inferior de la pagina a la derecha (en la área gris) y haga clic en traducir (Translate).  Seleccione el idioma "Spanish" y haga clic en el.  Se convertirá la Pagina Web de Kino al español.

              7th Grade English

Room 35

Tuesday & Thursday 11:44a - 12:14p

Room 2

Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri by Appointment

Room 34

Tuesday & Thursday 8:30a - 9a

Room 37

Tuesday & Thursday 4p - 4:30p

Room 3

          By appointment

         8th Grade English

Room 30,32,39,38 

Monday - Friday 1:32pm - 2:02pm

Room 31-33-50

Monday - Friday 12:38pm - 1:08pm