Mr. Miguel Angel Albanez

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Phone: 480-472-2466


My name is Miguel Angel Albanez, and I prefer to be addressed by "Angel." I recently graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor of Biology and Psychology. I have a great passion for deep thinking and am particularly drawn to the field of human anatomy and physiology and the field of experimental and theoretical physics. 

This will be my first year at Kino and I am very excited about working with the community to pursue academic and personal excellence for our students! Go Kolts! 

I enjoy spending my personal time reading in a coffee shop or at home around my family and two pups. I love learning new things so you will find that my bookshelf is filled with a lot of non-fiction on several different topics that I find interesting. I believe that the key to changing the world for the better of everyone is through education. 

Aside from reading I enjoy working on my 350z when time allows and simply enjoying time with the people I love, usually shooting pool, watching a new superhero movie, or sipping some Dutch Bros. My all time favorite TV shows are How I Met Your Mother and Grey's Anatomy!

Lastly, I spent my last couple years at Grand Canyon University working with a team of very honorable people to develop volunteer programs geared toward building student character and providing academic resources for the rigorous science courses. I thoroughly enjoy being a team player and love being part of a tight knit group of people working towards a common goal; a philosophy that I will be implementing in my classrooms. 

I look forward to working with everyone at Kino Jr High!