Mike Conway

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My name is Michael Conway and I live in Mesa, Arizona.  I have lived in Arizona since 1981 so I guess Arizona is my home.  I have also lived in Michigan, New York and New Jersey.  Each state is wonderful but it's hard to beat the beauty of the Southwest. 

I graduated with a degree in Political Science from
Arizona State University in 1987   After several years,in advertising, I knew that I was ready for a change.  As a child, I had wonderful teachers and a great educational experience. As a result, I pursued a degree in education. 
I graduated from
Ottawa University with my teaching credentials and was hired in Queen Creek to teach 6th grade.  While in QC I also taught 7th and 8th grade history.  I have many great memories of my time there, but in knew I wanted to teach within my community.  I began teaching for Mesa Public Schools in 2000.  It was an experience moving from a small district to one with around 70,000 students.


I have worked in three different elementary schools within Mesa. Each is a designated English Language Learner school. My experience with English language learners varies from monolingual Arabic to children who speak Navajo as their home language. Each child has been a joy and challenge.

While working in education I have obtained two masters.  One is from ASU in Educational Media and Computers, and the other from NAU in Education Leadership.  In the past, I have taught English Language Arts to 7th and 8th graders.  I made the move to Social Studies in 2016.  This will mark my 23rd year of teaching.

While I am not working or going to school I enjoy cross training, going to the movies, traveling and anything involving the ocean.  
I love to share my travel experiences with my students and hopefully get them inspired and excited to work hard and see the world.

I look forward to working and learning with all of you and remember, there is nothing that cannot be learned.

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