Dear Families,
     We are excited to have your student this fall! These letters are to help you prepare your child for a successful year.  The first step towards a fruitful year is having the proper supplies.  Mesa Public Schools furnishes the necessary materials for each student.  However, we recognize that a child enjoys having a few supplies of his or her own.  Other items are optional classroom donations. Please click the appropriate grade level link below that your student is entering.


Kindergarten       (2020-2021)
First Grade          (2020-2021 2 pages)
Second Grade     (2020-2021)
Third Grade         (2020-2021)
Fourth Grade      (2020-2021)

Fifth Grade Mrs. Allen  (2020-2021)

Fifth Grade Mr. Koke (2020-2021)


Fifth Grade Mrs. Powell  (2020-2021)

Fifth Grade Mrs. Smith    (2020-2021)


Sixth Grade          (2020-2021)