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I believe....

·      Every child is unique; therefore, they deserve an education that is relevant, appropriate, challenging and rewarding to them specifically. Fair does not mean that everyone gets the same thing; rather, fair means everyone receives what they need to be successful. 

·       In order for a student to capitalize on their potential, they must be challenged. Failure is never negative, but rather an opportunity for reflection and growth. My goal is to always provide a safe environment where failure is just another lesson and "it's cool," to make mistakes! 

·      A human is a human, no matter how small. They deserve respect, to have their voices heard and ideas accepted. 

·      In order for students to gain academic skills, we must first take the time to learn from each other. Collaboration is a key component to not only becoming skilled in a task or subject, but more importantly, a well-rounded human being and life-long learner. 


Scholastic Class Code: R7WWG

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