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Our class will spend a good amount of time discussing and practicing our school and classroom rules throughout the school year. As part of being a 1st grader at Las Sendas, we agree that if we all play our part, we can ensure that our classroom environment is one that exudes kindness, respect, responsibility and safety. We want this to be a place that each child can have positive experiences every day. 

Our Expectations are:

1.Be Kind * Mrs. Alber’s golden rule!
2.Be Respectful
3.Be Responsible
4.Be Safe

Your child will be encouraged in many ways for positive behaviors including but not limited to: “pawing up” on our class chart, receiving a punch on his/her ticket (can later be redeemed for prizes), verbal recognition, high-fives, etc.


Should your child experience challenges along the way, we will be in communication to work together to help your child be more successful.