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I have sent all families an email message with options for conferences.  I'd love to see everyone during the week!  

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Class Objectives


Once a student is identified as gifted, Arizona Revised Statute 15-779 requires that they receive services commensurate to their abilities.  The Gifted and Talented Pullout Resource class works to provide differentiated curriculum for those students who meet the Mesa Public School's eligibility criteria.  Identified students will leave their regular classroom to attend the pull-out program.  Please see the MPS Gifted and Talented homepage for more information regarding the different programming elements.

Throughout the course, instruction will focus on creative thinking, critical thinking, self development, and research and investigation.  Each year, the students will focus on a long term design-based project to teach creative and critical thinking skills.  As students progress throughout the program, the level of complexity and the degree of student independence will increase to provide the appropriate challenge. 

Questions about the Gifted and Talented Program?

To find out information about Mesa Public Schools' eligibility criteria and mission, visit the MPS Gifted and Talented website.  This website provides an overview of the required screening and program fundamentals.  If you have aditional questions or concerns, please email me at:  tacaves@mpsaz.org.

While in class, we. . .

* Treat each other with respect

* Have a good attitude

* Have fun

* Work hard

* Try our best

Important Dates Updated 9/3/2018

August 20: G & T Classes Begin

September 5:  Parent Information Night 5:00 p.m. Las Sendas Room 12

October 8-12:  October Break

October 15 - 19: Parent Teacher Conferences

November 5 - 9: Second Grade Otis Lennon Testing - All students participate

November 13 - 16: Fall CogAT Testing

December 24 - January 4 - Winter Break

January 14 - 18: First Semester Report Cards

January 14 - 18: Parent Teacher Conferences

March 11 - 15:  Spring Break

March 18 - 22: Spring CogAT Testing - 2nd grade focus

May 6 - 10: Classroom Showcases

May 13 - 17:  Second Semester Report Cards

May 17: Last Day of GT Classes


GT Brain

Class Schedule

3rd Grade - Monday

4th Grade - Tuesday

District Meetings - PLC - Wednesday

5th Grade - Thursday

6th Grade - Friday

Would you like to donate money without it costing anything? Las Sendas GTP is in need of equipment.

Parents, grandparents, neighbors, family members, and friends, please consider allocating your ECA contribution this year to the Las Sendas GTP account.  Your generous contributions will be used to purchase the necessary materials for our grade level STEM Design Units. The equipment purchased will support our Engineering Design Units and will be used on our campus for many years, thus impacting hundreds of students over time.  

Extracurricular Activity donations allow eligible taxpayers to make monetary donations to schools and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on their Arizona state income taxes.  An individual can contribute up to $200, and people filing jointly can contribute up to $400 annually.  You can donate directly to the Gifted and Talented account by selecting it from the different accounts at Las Sendas Elementary School.

For more information or to donate, please visit the Mesa Public Schools ECA Tax Credit page.

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