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Crismon Elementary
Library Resource Center

The Crismon Library Resource Center is committed to reinforcing 21st century information skills that will allow students to access and use all information resources while at the same time encouraging students to develop a positive and joyful attitude toward reading for pleasure.


All classes come to Library Resource Center each week for 30 minutes.  They
have check-out as part of library class.

Students may come with a pass during open check-out time each day
after 10:00.  They must use their ID-barcoded AR folder.

Crismon Library Resource Center expectations are for students to:

         Enter and leave the Resource Center quietly and politely.
         Follow directions the first time they are given.
         Respect others with kind words and actions.
         Respect school and personal property.
         Talk in a soft voice to not disturb other students.
         Keep books safe and clean.
         Return library books on time.


     + All student books are checked out for one week as follows:
         Kindergarten and first grade may check out one book.
         Second through sixth grade may check out two books.

     + Check-out is limited to one of a subject, author, or series.

     + Books may be renewed three times (additional renewals with Specialist

     + Books 'ON HOLD' will be held for one week after hold notice is issued.


     + Students with an overdue item may not check out or renew another book
        until overdue item is returned or paid for.

     + Overdue notices are given each week during library class.  A third notice
        will result in a letter to parents.

     + Any student owing a lost or damaged book will be charged for the price of
        the book.  The lost-book fee is promptly refunded if/when book is returned.

     + A history of lost or damaged books may result in the student being placed
        on 'paperback only' restriction for a period of time (60-90 days).