Hawthorne Elementary
Library Resource Center

"A quiet welcome place to find the books you love to read and resources you need."

The Hawthorne Library Resource Center is committed to reinforcing 21st century information skills that will allow students to access and use all information resources while at the same time encouraging students to develop a positive and joyful attitude toward reading for pleasure.


Be Respectful

Follow Directions

Quiet voices at all times

Walking feet at all times

Always use a shelf marker

No gum or food allowed

Treat books carefully.

When reading, turn the page at the top corner.

Keep food, drinks and water away from books.

Wash your hands before you read a book to keep it clean.

Return books on time.

check out

All Students books are checked out for 1 week.

Students may renew their books as needed, unless the book is on hold. 

Kindergarten through first grade may check out 1 book at a time.

Second through sixth grade may check out 2 books at a time.

Students may check out one or two extra books when doing research assigned by their teacher.

Teachers and administrators may check out as many books as they need for a month.

Parents and other staff may check out as many books as they need for two weeks.

Inter-school loans are limited to 1 but can be over ridden as needed.

overdue books

A classroom overdue list will be printed and given to the teacher each week. 

Every week individual notices will be given to patrons with books a month or more overdue.


There are no fines for overdue books. 

Check out privileges will be suspended when a book becomes 1 month overdue.

All patrons are expected to pay for lost and damaged books. Fines will be assessed accordingly.

Grades will be held for outstanding fines of over $5.00.


computer policies

Students are welcome to use computers with a pass from the teacher.

Students may not change the setup of the computers in any way.

Save your work on the Hawthorne Elementary Data-store or on a USB drive.

To use the Internet, students must have a note from the teacher with the approved site address.

Computers are provided as a tool to complete assignments and for personal growth.

District policy prohibits gaming on school computers.