The Calendar year is ending soon!

Here is a tale of the Media Center a la Clement Moore's "Twas the Night Before Christmas".

"The ECA Blues"

Twas the end of the tax year and all through the stacks,

the shelving was groaning; new books they did lack.

The bookmarks all ready and waiting for kids,

to check the books out as they once did.

The students were searching above and below,

for new things to read to make their minds grow.

And Ms. Melody and I were dreaming and hoping,

for ECA gifts to keep the books flowing.

When in my email there arose such data,

that I ran to my Lenovo to see what was the matter.

Away to the budget I flew like a flash,

opened the report and saw no more cash!

To ask folks for money has never been easy, 

and it tends to make Mrs. Bridges quite queasy.

But ask them she must. It's a difficult duty.

We want our library full of book beauty!!

Seventy cents a student is all that we get,

that's not enough to even get our toes wet!

Book fairs require a lot of hard labor,

plus classes get cancelled, and that's never in favor.

Now E! Now C!

Now A! are the letters,

ECA funds make our libraries better!

To donate is easy, please click on this link:

Directions are there, easier than you think!

Be specific when giving,

give the school and choose the Media Center.

Your generosity is appreciated

through spring, fall, and winter. 

We're grateful for all gifts, the big and the small.

We can't do it without you,

no, not at all!

Rest assured that your funds will go straight to the kids.

The rules for ECA ensure that, and they always did.

Dollar for dollar your taxes will credit,

just fill out the form, and then we will get it.

If you cannot help us, we do understand,

but share with your AZ taxpaying friends.

All of them may donate to the max that's allowed,

and once that is done, you will feel awfully proud.

And you'll hear us exclaim as the donations come in,

"We thank you for giving! Both you, and your kin!"


My apologies to the author of the original piece, but I wanted to do something different this year. In all seriousness, we do need ECA donations to be able to continue to purchase new editions for our library. The .70/student doesn't even cover replacing the books that have been loved to death. We want to continue to be proud of our collection and offer a great and diverse selection of books to our students.

Thank you for all of the support you have given us. We hope that we have earned your support again for the future.




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