Lost book emails home

I have just sent out emails to the contacts on the permission slips for students missing library books.

THIS newsletter notification email does NOT mean that your students has a missing book. That email will include the title and the cost of the book.

It did not include ALL students with late notices, just the students that have damaged materials, or items that have been out so long that the computer automatically converted them to "Lost". Some parents that are already scheduled for a conference will get theirs at the conference, but most went by email.

Thank you so much for helping us maintain our library materials. It is important to take good care of the books and return them in a timely manner for a number of reasons:

  1. It teaches responsibility.
  2. It allows more students to have access to the materials.
  3. It saves us money when we don't have to replace damaged and lost books.

We appreciate all that you do to help your student with all of this.


Thank you,

Mrs. Bridges


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