Red Mountain High School Media Center

Collection Development Policy


The purpose of this collection development policy is to ensure that library materials and access to information meet the information and learning needs of Red Mountain High School.  The Library Resources Centers of Mesa Public Schools support the students and faculty by providing access to materials and information which develop imaginations, guide investigations, and generate ideas. We select, acquire, and organize resources to best serve our school communities as well as provide the tools to enrich and enhance each student's achievement as a 21st century learner. 

Refer to District Governing Board Policy Manual: Section I, IIAC


The Resource Center Specialist has the authority to select materials.  Materials are chosen by the specialist with assistance by faculty, parents, and students.  Superintendancy and/or our principal carry the responsibility of selection matters.


Materials are selected to meet the needs of the Red Mountain High School population, whose interests, views, and informational needs are varied.  Not all items in our Media Center will be of interest to, or suitable for, all library patrons.  In selecting materials for our collections, the following general criteria are used:

·         enrich and support the curriculum

·         support educational, emotional, and recreational needs of the users

·         appropriate for recommended levels

·         meet high standards for quality in physical format, subject treatment, accuracy of information, graphics, and literary style

·         representative of differing viewpoints on controversial topics

·         cost effectiveness

·         anticipated use

·         levels of funding and cost of item

·         attention and response of critics, reviewers and general public


In order to select the most current and relevant materials on any topic, the Resource Center Specialist will use the following representative list of selection tools to aid with the review and purchasing process.  All purchases, including gifts, should meet the same selection standards.

·         Booklist

·         Horn Book

·         Novelist (EBSCO)

·         personally previewed materials

·         Publisher’s Weekly

·         School Library Journal


The Media Center is a learning commons that supports the provision of information in a variety of formats.  As such, internet access is provided through the availability of a full computer lab as well as individual computer stations.  All patrons will be permitted to use the internet as their research and study needs require.

Because equipment and time are limited and must be used to best meet patron needs, the computers in the Media Center will be limited in the following ways:

1.      Academic use will always have priority over recreational use.

2.      Printing privileges are reserved for academic purposes.

3.      Students must use headphones or ear buds when using sound on the computers.

Staff members will monitor student computer use to the best of their abilities.

Refer to District Governing Board Policy Manual: Section JFCH-R


Gifts are welcome.  Each gift is evaluated according to the same criteria as items under consideration for purchase.  The Media Center retains the right to refuse gifts.  A gift, once given, becomes the sole property of the library and the donor relinquishes all rights to it.


Books may be removed from the collection (weeded) based on physical condition of the material, out-of-date/inaccurate information, or duplicate volumes.  Books that have been removed from library shelves due to weeding may be offered to teachers for classroom libraries.  They may also be donated to other schools within Mesa Public Schools.

Remaining books will be sent to the textbook depository:

1.      Label box(es) of books “Library Discards” and place in pick-up area.

2.      Complete work request form and fax or mail to schedule a pickup.



When materials are challenged, all complaints, whether received by telephone, letter, or in personal conversation, shall be referred to the school principal.  Resolution of the complaint shall first be sought through a discussion with the principal.  In an informal discussion, the complainant will be informed about the selection policy, criteria, and merits of the material being questioned.  If the complainant does not submit a formal request for reconsideration within two weeks, the complaint will be considered closed.

If the complainant chooses to file a formal complaint, they must fill out a Citizen’s Request for Reconsideration of Materials and submit it to the school principal.  The challenged material will continue to be used until the consideration process is completed; however, the use of the material(s) for that particular student shall be suspended, if requested by the parent(s).  Every effort will be made to deal with the complaint in a timely way.


Mesa Public Schools sets Media Center budgets according to student population.  Extra-Curricular Activity (ECA) monies and district approved funds are used however deemed necessary by the Resource Center Specialist to best benefit the patrons of Red Mountain High School. 


Supporting Documents:

District Governing Board Policy Manual:  Section KLB and KLB-R

ALA – Library Bill of Rights

ALA – Access to Resources and Services in the School Library Media Program