InTouch and Destiny ppt (Meeting on March 2, 2011)

Destiny Library and Textbook Manager
3800 User Guide (Inpath) Circulation Scanner See p. 8 to program scanner to carriage return after scanning a barcode. If not programmed, you will need to hit Enter after every scan.
3800 Image Scanner Programing Sheet (Destiny)
Offline Circulation (LM)
Scan Codes (LM) 
Offline Circulation (TM)
Scan Codes (TM) 
Panther Scanner
Janam Scanner Software Installation 
Inventory Scanner

MyQuest Reports

Activity Support
Downloading an Activity
Unzip a .zip file

Audio / Video Support
Stack Reset
Video: Setting Up A Studio
Video: The Stack

Presentation Tools
SMART Board 
Document Camera
Wireless Slates
Pointer Tool - PPT 
Configuring PowerPoint for Presenter Mode 

Google Earth