Author & Illustrator Visits
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Alphabetical list of authors available for school visits:

Ken Baker

Books: Old MacDonald had a Dragon, Cow Can't Sleep, and Brave Little Monster

Lives in: Orem, UT
Suggested Audience: Grades K through 6
Honorarium: Full day (2-3 50-minute presentations, plus optional 15-minute readings with kindergarten classes) for $950, plus expenses.
Misc: Ken offers two main presentations, one that teaches students how to create their own stories and another presentation that gets students excited about reading. More information on Ken's presentations can be found on his website at

Julia Cook

Julia Cook  Books: include A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue & My Mouth Is A Volcano.

Lives in: Nebraska
Suggested Audience: grades K through 6
Honorarium: Click here for an info sheet with references.
Contact: Julia at 
Misc: Her picture books teach social skills including tattling, interrupting, personal space, safety and hygiene.

Matthew Gollub

Matthew Gollub Books: include Give the Gift!; Jazz Fly; Gobble, Quack, Moon; Uncle Snake; The Moon Was At A Fiesta.

Lives in: Sonoma County, CA
Honorarium: Contact Matthew for quote.
Contact: Click Here or call toll-free 
(866) 4-TORTUGA.

Frank Beddor

Frank Beddor  Books: The Looking Glass Wars series 

(The Looking Glass Wars, Seeing Red, Arch Enemy).
Lives in: Los Angeles, CA
Suggested Audience: grades 3 through 8
Honorarium: $500 per presentation plus expenses. A full day (two presentations, minimum 100 students per presentation, plus lunch with the author and a small group of 20-30 students and teachers), is $1000. 
Misc: Online game based on the Looking Glass Wars books is called Card Soldier Wars.

Terri Fields

Terri Fields  Books: include Danger in the Desert, Burro's Tortillas, & Hold Up.

Lives in: AZ
Suggested Audience: grades K through 12
Honorarium: Click here for pricing and details about her visits
Contact: Terri at 
Misc: Danger in the Desert was selected as a ONEBOOKAZ for Kids. Terri writes books for all ages and was an educator for 30 years.

C.A. Goody

C.A. Goody  Books: Charlie the Cat series

Lives in: Phoenix,  AZ

Suggested Audience: grades 1 through 6
Honorarium: Free but asks that the school buy 2 sets of books (a total of $60) for the library so they are available to students after her visit. She also asks the school to send out a flyer prior to her visit so the students have a chance to purchase the books themselves.
Contact: Carla Goody at 

Misc: She will speak with grades 1-6 by grade level, 30 minutes per group.

Brooke Bessesen

Brook Bessesen  Books: Look Who Lives in the Ocean; Look Who Lives in the Desert; and Zachary Z. Packrat.

Lives in: AZ
Suggested Audience: grades K through 8
Honorarium: A full day (4 visits) is $750, and half day (2 visits) is $550. Visits include an optional 15 minute presentation for kindergarten. 

 Brooke at
 On Earth Day, Brooke will donate her honorarium to a charity of the school's choice. 

Chris Gall

Chris Gall  Books: Dinotrux, Dear Fish, America The Beautiful, There's Nothing To Do On Mars, Substitute Creacher.

Lives in: Tucson, AZ
Suggested Audience: Adaptable to all grade levels. Seriously!
Honorarium: $900 per full day visit (plus lodging if necessary). A full day is 3-4 presentations per day in 50 min sessions, plus lunch with the author in a small group.
Misc: Dinotrux was a Publishers Weekly Best Children's Book for 2009, and is currently in development at DreamWorks as a 3D animated feature film.

Barbara Gowan

Barbara Gowan  Books: G is for Grand Canyon: An Arizona Alphabet and the Grand Canyon Reader Award nominated Desert Digits: An Arizona Number Book.

Lives in: Carefree, AZ
Suggested Audience: grades K through 6
Honorarium: $300 for half day (2-4 presentations) and $600 for a full day (4-6 presentations). 
Contact: Barbara at

PJ Haarsma

PJ Haarsma  Books: The Softwire series 

Lives in: Carlsbad, CA
Suggested Audience: grades 3 through 8
Honorarium: Contact PJ for details. 
Contact: PJ at
Misc: PJ has created an interactive online game to complement the books.

Kevin Janison

Kevin JanisonBooks: The Deputy Dorkface series 

Lives in: Las Vegas
Suggested Audience: K-6
Contact: The publisher at 702-387-5260 or

Jon Lewis

Jon Lewis  Books: Grey Griffins series (The Revenge of the Shadow King, The Rise of the Black Wolf, &The Fall of the Templar) and The Brimstone Key series. Jon's new series is C.H.A.O.S. (First book: Invasion).

Lives in: Chandler, AZ
Suggested Audience: grades 3 through 8
Honorarium: $200-$400.
Misc: In addition to school visits, Jon offers writing workshops and can do sketches.   
Earn a FREE visitView the order form to earn free visits or books.

Lisa McMann

Lisa McMann  Books:  The Wake series (Wake, Fade, and Gone), Cryer's Cross, Dead To You, and The Unwanteds series.

Lives in: Mesa, AZ
Suggested Audience: grades 9 and up (high school)
Unwanteds series is good for 3rd and up.
Contact: Stasia Ward Kehoe at 212-698-2711 or email 

Michael Moorehead

Michael Moorehead  Books: Student From Zombie Island: Conquering the Rumor Monster

Lives in: Tempe, AZ
Suggested Audience: grades 1 through 5
Honorarium: $400-$600
Contact: Linda Radke at 480-940-8182 or email   
Misc: Michael wrote this book when he was only 7 years old! He is now 17.

Angela Morrison

Angela Morrison  Books: Taken By Storm and Sing Me To Sleep (ages 12 and up).

Lives in: Mesa, AZ
Suggested Audience: 12 and up - "Write What you Know" or "Revision: A Workshop"; Ages 7 - 11, "What's the Opposite of Rhyme?" a poetry writing workshop
Honorarium: discounted for Mesa schools only, $500/day (4 presentations); $200/presentation (45-60 minutes)

Misc: Angela donates a limited number of day or half-day visits to Mesa junior highs and high schools as a community service, book sale required, in kind donation receipts available. She will also visit any classroom or book club that has studied Taken by Storm or Sing me to Sleep free of charge. See Appearances on her website for more information. 

Janette Rallison

Janette Rallison  Books: Over a dozen, including: My Double Life; Just One Wish; My Fair Godmother; Playing the Field; It's A Mall World After All; Revenge of the Cheerleaders; Fame, Glory & Other Things On My To Do List; All’s Fair In Love, War, and High School; and How To Take The Ex Out of Ex-Boyfriend; Love, Life, and the Pursuit of Free Throws.

Lives in: Chandler, AZ
Suggested Audience: grades 6 and up
Contact: Janette at 480-993-8623

Amanda Shepherd

Amanda Shepherd  Books: includes Fiona Loves The Night & Who Loves Me.

Lives in: AZ
Suggested Audience: grades K through 8
Honorarium: A full day (4 visits) is $650, and half day (2 visits) is $400. 
Contact: Amanda at

Jennifer Stewart

Jennifer Stewart  Books: includes The 12 Days of Christmas in Arizona & If That Breathes Fire, We're Toast.

Lives in: Tucson, AZ
Honorarium: A full day is $800 (plus possible travel costs), and half day is $500 
(plus possible travel costs)
 (520) 749-4519

Conrad Storad

Conrad Storad Books: more than 30 books about science and nature for children and young adults includingDon't Call Me Pig, Life in the Slow Lane, and Lizards For Lunch.

Lives in: AZ
Suggested Audience: grades K through 12
Honorarium: Ranges from $500 for one presentation to $750 for a full day (3-4 presentations). 
Misc: His book Don't Call Me Pig (A Javelina Story) was a governor's choice book in 2005. The ALA has honored him as “Arizona Children’s Author of the Year." 
 In May he completed his 857th school author visit. He has done presentations for more than 840,000 students, teachers, and parents at schools in 11 states. His goal is to read to more than 1 million students. Download info flyers. 

Wendy Watson

Wendy Watson  Books: author-illustrator of twenty books for children, and illustrator of over eighty books for other authors. Her books have received many awards.

Lives in: AZ
Contact: Use contact form on website.