Orchestra Department
"Music happens to be an art form that transcends language" - Herbie Hancock

The Lincoln Orchestra is open to all fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students who want to learn how to play a string instrument.  Orchestra meets twice a week during school.  Students need to get their own intrument and music book to play in orchestra.  Our school does have some intruments to loan out.  If your student needs an intrument, please contact the orchestra teacher at the beginning of the year and fill out an intrument loan request form.

Our concerts are in December and May.  We ask that parents bring students early for tuning.  We have a large audience, so we ask parents to and follow the concert etiquette rules.

Concert Rules:

1. Please turn off all cell phones and electronic devices.

2. Don't talk during the concert.

3. Please keep children quiet during the concert.

4. Please clap for applause, but do not yell or shout.

5. Please stay until the last song is over.

We hope that your student will join orchestra when they enter fourth, fifth, and sixth grade.  Orchestra is a fun place to be at Lincoln.

Thank you,

Ali Smurawa

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