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Regular school attendance is extremely important for your child.  All pupils are expected to be in school as required by law unless they are ill.  If your child is to be absent, please call the school at (480) 472-6400.  

Whenever possible, plan doctor appointments to avoid missing school.  Please ensure that children arrive at school prior to the tardy bell each day.  Students should arrive on campus by 8:15 am to line-up with their classrooms by the 8:20 bell.  

Tardies cause confusion and take up instructional time for all classmates.  Students arriving after the 8:25 bell must report to the office.  

Attendance Statistics 

Attendance Habits

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District Information & Guidelines Regarding Attendance


Absences: Parents are expected to inform the school when their children will be absent.  If children are absent without prior notice, the school will make reasonable efforts to notify parents within the applicable time periods prescribed by law.


  • It is important that parents let the school know right away if their phone numbers change.
  • Please provide notes from doctors and dentists to excuse children for appointments, illnesses, or injuries. 
  • If parents do not authorize absences within one day after their children return to school, absences are unexcused. 
  • Parents who anticipate extended absences should contact the school.  If they do not, children are withdrawn from school after missing 10 days in a row.

Tardiness: Students are tardy if they are not seated when the bells signals the start of class.  

Truancy: Attendance officers may talk to parents about the legal consequences of truancy.  MPS also sends parents warning letters.  If students are habitually truant or excessively absent, parents and students may be cited and referred to the court.

Students are habitually truant if they have five or more unexcused absences.  They are excessively absent if they have 18 or more excused or unexcused absences. 


To report an absence, please call:

(480) 472-6400

Attendance Parent Letter

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