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Lindbergh is an AVID school

Lindbergh is an AVID school

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Our Lindbergh community is pulling together for a great cause

Chipotle fundraiser 

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We are fundraising for an Autism service dog for Daniel.  Daniel was diagnosed just after his 3rd birthday, he is now 6.  He is the youngest of 4 in our family.  While there are many different reasons for getting a service dog, the two primary reasons we are seeking one for Daniel are comfort and safety.  This service dog is specifically trained to work with Autistic children. As he and the dog bond, the dog will be able to sense when Daniel is about to have a meltdown and try to redirect Daniel or the dog will stay by his side and provide comfort until the meltdown is over.  The second reason is that Daniel has a tendency to wander away.  While all kids do this, normal kids will eventually realize they are lost and seek help or respond to their name when called.  Autistic kids don't realize they are lost or that there is even a problem.  We have had several instances where Daniel has wandered off.  Twice we had to call the police.  Once he was in the neighbors garage, but because of his Autism he doesn't always respond to his name when someone calls it.  The service dog will do one of two things when this happens, it will act as a search dog and find him or it will provide a stationary ballast until help arrives.  People can go here: http://www.sdwr.org/service-dogs/autism/ to learn more about Autism service dogs.  They can also go here: http://sdwr.donordrive.com/campaign/danielalvis to donate.

Congratulations Lindbergh Elementary

Congratulations Lindbergh Elementary for promoting a healthy school environment!

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