August 7, 2017

Dear Parents,

Lindbergh Elementary School has always pledged to create a safe and caring environment for all students.  Our Lindbergh community is based on our four expectations.  These are Pride, Attitude, Wise Choices and Safety.  Posters of these expectations are displayed throughout our campus.

It is very important to recognize students for their positive behavior.  Teachers and staff hand out tickets to students who follow the Behavior Expectations and demonstrate positive behavior.  The tickets go into drawings each week.

Please read and review with your child the positive behavior expectations described on the Lindbergh Behavior Expectations Chart on the back of this letter.  Ask questions to make sure s/he understands the expectations in different places around the school. Encourage your child to show Pride, show a good Attitude, show Wise Choices and show Safety.

The Lindbergh staff appreciates your continued support and involvement in our shared goal of a safe and caring learning environment.




The Lindbergh Team