Welcome to Mrs. Erno's Kindergarten Classroom

Learning Objectives for March 2018

Language Arts/Reading

I can hear, read, and write with the word families.

I can recognize a vowel.

I can stretch words out and listen for all the sounds.

I can tell a fact.

I can use the transition words first, next, then, and last to retell

I can name a verb.




I can count to 100.

I can measure length, height, and weight.

I can recognize and name numerals 0-20.

I can make sets for the numerals 0-20.

I can write the numerals 0-20.

I can identify the symbols + and =.

I can write an addition equation.

Social Studies

PAWS: I am proud to be a Snow Leopard

I will show pride in all I do.

I will have a positive attitude in my actions and words.

I will make wise choices. 

I will be safe in all areas of school.





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