Mrs. Kill's Second Grade
English Language Development Classroom

Read this summer

Learning Objectives for the Week of October 16th

Early Release each day this week at 1:15 pm.

MATH  Second Grade

We will use strategies to add numbers from 0 to 100.

We will solve one step word problems using addition and subtraction strategies.


We will find the moral or lesson of a story.

We will read High Frequency Words with fluency.

We will read and write words with the lettern patterns ee and ea.


We will construct sentences using the simple past tense verbs was/were.

We will construct sentences using past tense verbs.


We will write an opinion paragraph using complete sentences and transition words.


We will identify the meanings of compound words.






This Week's Important Words..

Fry’s Sight Word List:

change   off   play   spell   air   away   animals   

house   point   page


letters   mother   answer   found   study   still   

learn   should   America   word



1.Check your child’s backpack for the Daily Folder- it is blue and made of plastic. Inside the folder will be homework and important papers.

2.Sign the Weekly Agenda each night.