Mrs. Rita Valdez

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I was born and raised in New Mexico. Met and Married my wonderful husband of 24 years in New Mexico. We moved to Arizona in 1987 after graduating from Western New Mexico University with degrees in Business Administration.  I have a beautiful daughter and a handsome son, both college students.  I couldn’t be prouder of both of them and their individual achievements!


Currently, I am working as an SEI Technician for the English Language Acquisition Department for Mesa Public Schools.  This job is very challenging in all its aspects, but I love it!  It keeps life interesting.


Administering the AZELLA test to all English Language Learners and Reclassified students at Lindbergh Elementary is a big part of a Technician’s job.  Accurate record keeping at both the school and the ELAD Office are essential as well.  Relaying important information from the ELAD office to Lindbergh is key in keeping the lines of communication open for staff members at Lindbergh regarding classroom placement for these students.