Welcome to Mrs. Ebert's First Grade Classroom

Learning Objectives for May 2018

English Language Arts:                        

I can build, blend, and write words with weekly sounds (long vowels, r-controlled vowels, digraphs)

I can fluently read sight words.

I can use appropriate grammar when writing and speaking.

I can use illustrations and details to describe characters, setting, and events.

I can describe the connection between two individuals, events, ideas, or pieces of information.

I can retell stories including key details and understand their lesson.


I can solve addition and subtraction stories within 20.

I can use different strategies to add and subtract within 20.

I can begin to understand place value.

I can make numbers with groups of ten and extra ones.


I can print all upper and lowercase letters.

I can use capital letters and correct ending punctuation when I write.

I can write with neat handwriting.

Social Studies:

I can model good character in room 308.

I can practice being a good listener and learning the classroom rules and procedures in room 308.

I can make appropriate choices that help me and my classmates learn.

I can show PAWS at Lindbergh (Pride, good Attitude, Wise Choices and Safety).