Ms. Bircher's Fifth Grade Classroom

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October 2017


This month we are learning many different strategies to multiply and divide multi-digit numbers and decimals. Then check them with estimation or multiplication. 

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division math facts were learned in prior grades but will be reviewed and practiced to maintain fluency.

A strong emphasis will be placed on solving real-life word problems through multiple strategies all year.


We are continuing to use our "thinking maps" to organize our writing.  This will include a multi-paragraph expository paper to explain an experiment we are conducting with our science kit, "Mystery Powders."

We are continuing to work on spelling words with different spelling patterns.


This month we are working on verbs and verb tenses.  This will flow into our writing making sure our subject and verb tenses are consistent.


We are learning to "close read" a multi-paragraph text to find the main idea and details that support it with evidence from the text. Then, we will use that information to summarize the text. We will be summarizing informational text from our "Mystery Powders" science kit and many literature texts as well.


We are working on math and science vocabulary and being able to communicate in complete sentences when speaking. Our focus this month will be sharing our ideas and asking questions while we are performing science experiments with our "Mystery Powder" kit.






Read 20 minutes each day, Monday through Friday, ALOUD and then write a 2-3 sentence summary of what you read using evidence from the text.

At least 10 minutes of math fact practice each day with paper and pencil, flashcards or on a math website.

Complete work not finished during class.

Adult to initial agenda EVERY day!