Longfellow PBIS vision

At Longfellow, we grow together in a positive, safe, and respectful culture, demonstrate kindness to others, and take responsibility for our own learning and success.

·         PBIS is a whole school three tier approach to decreasing disruptive behaviors and increasing student success and achievement.  PBIS consists of systems, data and practices that are required to achieve measurable outcomes.

·         Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports

·         Supports for the success of ALL students.


1)  Behaviors are prerequisites for academics

2)  Procedures and routines create structure

3)  Repetition is key to learning new skills:

o    For a child to learn something new, it needs to be repeated on average of 8 times

o    For a child to unlearn an old behavior and replace with a new behavior, the new behavior must be repeated                     on average 28 times (Harry Wong).

4)  For every year that a behavior has been in place, you should plan to spend at least one month of consistent, and appropriate intervention for you to see a change in the behavior. This is a rule of thumb.