21st Century Federal Grant

Longfellow has a wonderful  After School Program made available by the 21st Century Federal Grant. Currently, there are over 200 students and 40 staff members participating in this program.

Students attend many different classes that provide them with opportunities to increase their reading, writing, and math skills. Also available are classes that  teach skills in science, technology, character education, socialization, ceramics, crafts, band, sewing, photography, sports, and tumbling. We provide a "multiple intelligences" approach to learning and provide opportunities for each student to identify interests and talents. Each class has no more than eight students.These small classes help foster the building of confidence and self- esteem in each student. In addition to the classes for our students, we offer parenting classes two nights a week.

The students at Longfellow love the After School Program. Those students with perfect attendance are invited to participate in the Wii Club.