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Welcome to Mrs. Sanchez (Garcia) Homepage!

I am excited to be part of your community as your child's school counselor at Longfellow Elementary School. As your child's school counselor, I am committed to helping our students achieve academic excellence, create short and long-term goals, engage in social and emotional lessons, provide a safe and respectful environment, and help our students have a positive experience now and as they pursue higher education in the future.

   Please enjoy the wonderful virtual calm room, video about big changes and feelings, links that provide resources, check-ins, and most importantly get to know Mrs. Sanchez (Garcia)- your school counselor.  

Although we are currently online, please know everyone at Longfellow is still available to help your child and family during this time.  Click the "HELP" red button if you need assistance with health and wellness concerns (counseling, medical resources, food, or basic needs), technology (getting a device/computer or internet connection), contacting your child's teacher, or other. 

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Office Hours: 8:05 am-2:45 pm 

Virtual Calm Room-Need a moment to yourself?

The calm room has fun and interactive videos, sounds, books, and more to help you calm your body and learn coping skills


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Big Changes, Big Feelings

Young girl looking outside the window. This video describes kids coping with social distancing

MPS Resources


Share your needs with our family support

Parent Resources

Resources for student social and emotional wellness

Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Information and Additional Resources