Ms. Gloria Robertson

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I have a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education K-8 from Ottawa University in Phoenix Arizona.  I was a substitute teacher in Tempe and Mesa Districts and Charter schools for over 3 years.  I have taught just about every subject to every type student in every grade and demographic. I have worked on the Native American Nation schools, Job Corps in Phoenix, plus at an adult re-entry college teaching Computer Essentials and Professional Development.  I enjoy having your student in my classroom and look forward to your parental involvement and communication to further enhance your student's education.

Welcome Back!! 

Thanks to those of you who came to Meet the Teacher night.  It is a very exciting night for all of us, parent, teacher AND student! It is another wonderful school year at Lowell! It is my third year here and I couldn't be happier to have your wonderful student in my classroom. Each of them brings something significant to myself and to each other that is making our experience a very meaningful and exciting one!

Geniuses Rule!

I have adopted "Genius" as our theme this year.  If you have been in my classroom you have seen my GIANT painting of Einstein on the wall.  It gave me the idea that I should look into what a genius really is.  I looked up the definition in Webster's Dictionary: 

Genius: a very smart or talented person, a person who has a level of talent or intelligence that is very rare or remarkable, a person who is very good at doing something, great natural ability, remarkable talent or

So, you see, YOUR child IS a genius.  Just remind them each day by commenting on their remarkable talent, or their intelligence, or something they are very good at doing because of their natural ability!

Please call me whenever you have a question, concern or suggestion or great ideas! Or...just to say hello.

Ms. Robertson